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The Weekly Write-Up: Week 2

Posted 28 December, 2014 in Weekly Write-Ups / 1 Comment

Welcome to week 2 of The Weekly Write-Up! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy end of Hanukkah, etc.

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It’s My Life

It’s been a pretty relaxing week. I was off work the whole time, since I had a ton of unused vacation time. I think I only worked five or six days in December, and now I’m off until January 5. 🙂

I spend a shit load of time watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, and I’m almost finished the series in just a few weeks. :O I worked on cleaning my mess of an apartment, which has left me with approximately 100 loads of laundry to do.

I went home to my parents’ for Christmas Eve and Day to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family, but missed the Hanukkah party last weekend with my mom’s side. My sister made me an awesome Tardis painting and taught me how to arm knit, which I’d been struggling with forevs.

I went straight from there (Maryland) up to my boyfriend’s parents’ house on Long Island to go to his cousin’s wedding. It was really fun but his mom has nine siblings and it’s insanely hard to keep track of who’s who, especially once you’ve had some Pinot Grigio. 😛

On my way back today, I dropped him at his new apartment in NYC (my future apartment!) to unload some stuff. Then I went straight to Michael’s for an epic yarn sale. I made an arm knitted infinity scarf and am going to start my first attempt at a blanket tomorrow!

I’m back in my apartment for a few days now, and I’m really hoping the mice that have been reported in our apartment building do not show their faces to me.

On the Blog

  • I started a new feature on the blog (hint: you’re reading it now :P).
  • I reviewed That Man 5 by Nelle L’Amour, which was like coming full-circle, since it was the end of the series that marked my first foray into ARCs.
  • I finally decided what reading challenges I’m doing for 2015, and I’m probably over-extending myself.
  • I reviewed Cover Story by Rachel Bailey, which was a little too gnome-tastic, even though I love gnomes.

Links I Lurve

So, how was your week?

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