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The Weekly Write-Up: Romantic Getaways Galore

Posted 28 December, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 2 Comments

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

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It’s My Life

Sooo, I haven’t posted much in awhile. A long while. Holidays, #amiright?

But I have been having lots of fun. Also lots of stress and lots of busy and lots of work. It’s been crazy.

I had to put some plans for my next planner for you all, and other paid products for my blog, on hold for a bit to catch up on a big ebook I’m writing at work. It’s taking foreverrrr and I want to finish it and everyone else wants me to finish it, so I end up working on it all the time.

I also took The Boyf down to the Poconos for his 28th birthday last weekend. 🙂

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Weather ruined our original plans (snow tubing together, followed by him snowboarding while I sip hot chocolate by a fire) because of that freakishly warm spell we had earlier that week when it was like 62 degrees in the mid-Atlantic area.

So it was too warm to do snow stuff, but thankfully not too bad for walking around and other outdoor activities. I mean, I was freaking cold, but not going numb or turning blue or anything. And it was SO MUCH FUN.

I totally fell in love with the inn we stayed in. It reminded me of a cross between the Vermont inn where most of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (one of my favorite musicals) takes place in the winter, and what I imagine a modern and less scandalous version of the resort where Dirty Dancing happens in the summer. 😛

We got massages, went on a brewery tour and tasting, walked along the Delaware river, and yes, drank hot chocolate by the fire. <3

And now we might be planning a really last-minute trip to San Diego. As in, we’d leave in 2 days haha. But we already have time off work and want sun and sand! We found great deals on hotels but all the flights are a pain in the ass, so we have to figure out which ones are the smallest pains.

After going back to work for a few more days, I went back to visit my fam. We didn’t do Christmas with my dad’s side of the family this year, though. I was the only one that really got presents, since I wasn’t home for Hannukah. Haha scoreee!

And I got awesome presents, indeed:

  • A TARDIS throw pillow
  • Chocolate chip mondel bread made by the best mondel break baker ever, Mimi
  • Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America – any Parks and Rec fans here? This is the real version of the guide to Pawnee that Leslie Knope wrote for the time capsule, and then published when she was running for city council. I’m tempted to put my own Joan’s Book Club sticker on it so Joan Callamezzo herself finally gets her “gotcha! moment.” 😛
  • Yes, Please – because my love for Amy Poehler runs much deeper than just that show, I also got a physical copy of her book. The ebook just wasn’t enough! Plus, she was the only one missing from my “World’s Funniest Women” shelf that now includes Amy, Tina, Mindy, Chelsea, Heather, Lena, Sarah, etc. (PS – Amy Schumer, I’ve already saved a spot for you!).
  • The Year of Yes – I love Shonda Rhimes. All of her shows have been huge parts of my TV life (which we all know is almost my whole life). I also really need to say ‘yes’ more, be more spontaneous, etc. I can’t wait for this to inspire me!
  • Who-ology – A Doctor Who dictionary from my sister! Aaaah I’m so excited, especially since so much happens on this show that no matter how many times I rewatch it, I have trouble keeping track of all the characters, villains, history, etc. I also bought her a Doctor Who book of her own, so I love that we were on the same page (pun intended).
  • Aaaand a fancy microfiber towel made especially for curly hair, because I’m obsessed with fancy curly hair stuff. 😛

I think my TV junkie is showing this christmukkah!

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Getting so many books made for a very heavy suitcase on the way back, by the way. So much fun to roll back from the subway and up several flights of stairs!

I also saw Sisters with my mom and sister, and my girls Amy and Tina didn’t disappoint! The whole movie was basically a big reunion of all their friends from 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and SNL. And that was the last group of SNL comedians that I really loved – with the exception of Kate McKinnon, who was actually in this, too! Also Samantha Bee, who’s show I’m really excited for, so I loved that appearance. But I’m no longer seeing Ike Barinholtz as just BFF material, and this new attraction might make the return of The Mindy Project a little weird.

On the Blog(s)

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What I’ve read:

  • Big Rock by Lauren Blakely – OMG guys. I was a little wary after the cockiness (in every sense of the word) of the prologue, but then that cockiness got diluted in hilarity and massiveeee amounts of sexiness. It was the best book I’ve read in a while! I even have my boyfriend thinking about reading it, and he never wants to read the books he gets stuck listening to me talk about.
  • What You Need by Lorelei James – Another one that’s going to be a standout for me, I can tell. The one trope I love as much as “friends to lovers” is office romances. I’m about halfway through, and had to stop reading it on the bus back home today because it was too hot to read in public.
  • First Touch by Laurelin Paige – I just realized I’ve been reading a lot of “L” authors in the past 2 weeks! Haha. This one was great and I loved it in the long run (that ending!), but while I loved the beginning and very end, the middle dragged a little for me.

So, how was your week?

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  1. I am so jealous of your Doctor Who stuff! I am such a Whovian! And PS-I am LOVING your Read and Review ARC tracker. I was showing it to my husband who graciously pretended to care just because I was so excited!

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