Review: The Temp by Emily Benet

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Review: The Temp by Emily BenetTitle: The Temp
Series: The Temp #1
Author: Emily Benet
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 23, 2014
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About The Temp:

Amber is a twenty-something, out of university with a degree she’s not sure what to do with… so she temps in order to earn enough money to live in London.

One of her favourite life-hacks is to attend modern art gallery openings for free wine. It is during one of these that she thinks ‘if they can do it, why not me?’, and meeting a handsome gallery promoter cements her ambition to become famous through her art.

With the help—and sometimes hindrance—of her friends Farrell, Bibiana, and Egg (short for Egbert), can Amber achieve her dream AND snag handsome Elliott?


I don’t know where to start with this book. I love weird, but this book was weird in a bad way. This review is going to be much more negative than the ones I like writing. Normally, if I disliked a book this much, I wouldn’t review it at all, but this is an ARC so I feel like I should.

I think the worst problem was a wholly unlikeable main character. I just wanted to slap Amber so many times. She was naive and flakey and didn’t seem to take anything seriously. “Oh, I have no artistic talent, but I woke up this morning and decided I was going to be an artist, so here I go!”

It got better towards the end of the book, but the first 60% or so was extremely hard to get through. It was just a lot of Amber complaining and being flakey and stupid. How many times can she flake out on her job or her friends or someone she’s dating before they say, “enough?” She just came off as really self-centered and as though she has no idea how life works. You don’t just say “I’m going to be a famous artist that goes viral” without building up to that point. Maybe a one-hit wonder happens that way, but not someone who makes a career out of making art.

And because the book was told in first-person POV and she was so self-centered, we really didn’t learn much at all about any of the other characters, because she was so wrapped up in herself when she was with them, and the conversations were always about her.

Moreover, the romance aspect of the book was utterly predictable. I almost feel like going further into this wouldn’t even be a spoiler, since you can figure it out almost immediately once you start reading it.

There were funny bits, but more “heh, that’s kind of a cute thing to say,” than “I’m literally laughing out loud.” And I did enjoy it more once the pace picked up, but it took too long to do so for me. This review is really hard, and therefore ranty and disorganized, but I’m so bad at writing negative reviews and I hate doing so. There just really wasn’t much that I liked about The Temp.

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  1. Elizabeth Burns

    Kudos for writing the review. I don’t usually review anything below three stars either. In fact I tend only to write reviews for fives and fours. Other than that I put a star ranking on Goodreads where I don’t have to write anything.

    I wrote up a one star review once. It was a new author and the book was dire because of easily fixed things…spelling, grammar, continuity etc. but someone immediately countered with five stars. Honest reviews, even if not wonderful, should be utilised by the authors.

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