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Review: Scenes from the City by Penny ReidTitle: Scenes from the City
Series: Knitting in the City #4.5
Author: Penny Reid
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 1, 2014
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AKA...the Festivus Surprise!

100% of proceeds go to Toys for Tots.

This book cannot be read as a standalone. It is a collection of short scenes following the ladies from the 'Knitting in the City' series and will only be available in eBook format from December 1 - December 15, 2014.
  • 'Neanderthal Seeks Honeymoon' - Janie and Quinn
  • 'Friends Definitely With Benefits' - Elizabeth and Nico
  • 'Hacking the Hacker' - Sandra and Alex
  • 'Beauty and the Beard' - Ashley and Drew
  • 'Ninja at First Sight' - Fiona and Greg
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I’m deducting a star because DAMN YOU PENNY REID, YOU SCENE-TEASE, YOU. I. want. more. And I’m blaming you for these frustration and deprivation feels.

The real review starts now.

Merry festivus for the rest of us! Penny celebrates festivus, pole and all (okay, I’m not sure about the pole, and this sounds dirty if you’re not a Seinfeld fan). Instead of airing her grievances this year, she wrote us some presents.

Scenes from the City gives us a little tease of life after the HEA for each of the knitting group girl’s we’ve already read about. Each one is pretty short (you can read the whole book in a long lunch break), except for the last one. The last one is where it’s at, ladies.

So first, in Neanderthal Seeks Honeymoon, we visit Janie and Quinn (I prefer to call them Quanie) on their honeymoon, with their kama sutra, frozen frogs, and binders of vajazzled vaginas (one-upping Mitt Romney’s binders full of women). Quinn is just oh so Quinn, and Janie is as cute and quirky as ever.

Next, we’re on to Nico and Elizabeth in Friends Definitely With Benefits. Nico will always be my favorite knitting group spouse, although so many of them give him a run for his money. Especially in this scene. Plus, this scene had the best cameos! Dan the Security Man AAAAND Dr. Ken Miles, aka Doctor Douche.

Then you visit Alex and Sandra on their anniversary in Hacking the Hacker and OMG I WANT TO TASER SOMEONE (if anyone counts that as a spoiler, I apologize. But I’ve said the exact same things several times before ever reading this book, so I don’t think it counts. It’s just a desire I’ve had since I first saw The Hangover. Also, Dan the Security Man.

Up to bad next was Beauty and the Beard, which is pretty different from the rest, since that’s how Ashley and Drew roll. It was so sweet, them reuniting when Ashley’s about to leave Chicago (wahhhhh 🙁 Me sad) and being all Ashley and Drew…Drashley?

Finally, FINALLY! We get Ninja at First Sight, a story longer than the rest – the beginning of Greg and Fiona, from Knitting in the City’s next book, Happily Ever Ninja. From Penny’s Facebook posts, I was already really excited for Greg’s offensive sense of humor. But I didn’t know that he would also be so fudging endearing and charming.

There’s a type of guy that I like to call “the lovable douche.” Lovable douches say things that normally, a guy couldn’t get away with. But they’re such good guys overall, and manage to say awful, offensive things in such a way (usually right before or after something sweet) that it works. And Greg is their leader.

And I WANT HAPPILY EVER NINJA NOOOOOW. Really, this book was enjoyable, but brought out a lot of feelings that make me seem like a really ugly and impatient person, which I’m also blaming Penny for.

But also, sorry Penny, for deducting a star for ridiculous reasons. But you’re a tease.


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About Penny Reid:

penny reidSEX! It all started with sex, between my parents. Personally I don’t like thinking about it, but whatever works for you is a-ok with me. No judgment. The sex happened in California and much of my life also occurred in that state until I moved from the land of nuts (almonds), wine, silicon… boobs, and heavy traffic to the southeast US. Like most writers I like to write, but let’s get back to sex. Eventually I married and gave birth to 2 small people-children (boy-6, girl-4 as of this writing).

By day I’m a biomedical researcher with focus on rare diseases. By night I’m a knitter, sewer, lino block carver, fabric printer, soap maker, and general crafter. By the wee hours of the morning or when I’m intoxicated I love to listen to the voices in my head and let them tell me stories. I hope you enjoy their stories.

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  1. Alleskelle

    Great review! There are so many things to love in this review!
    Saccurrrity guy. Dan is the Man.
    Lovable Douche. — Oh yes, give me on of these to try, please!
    And you are so spot on… Penny is the worst Scene-Tease EVER! ;))

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