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Review: Sasha by Rae Matthews

Posted 29 September, 2014 in Reviews / 2 Comments

Review: Sasha by Rae MatthewsTitle: Sasha
Series: Mixed Drinks #1
Author: Rae Matthews
Genres: Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 21, 2014
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About Sasha:

When it comes to relationships, I have really bad luck. Each time I meet a guy, I cross my fingers and hope he is at least halfway normal. I’m so tired of dealing with crybabies and freak shows that I could just scream.

At this point, I’m so close to just joining a convent, taking the vow of chastity, and calling it quits with men entirely. Well, I probably don’t need to go to that extreme... I mean who am I kidding? There's no way I could be a nun. But becoming an old crotchety lady with 20 cats lurking around? Now THAT is a definite possibility.

That is until I see him, my brown-eyed stallion man, swooping in to save me from an unforeseen wrinkly old balls attack, and then... he is gone. Well, not gone completely, because I can’t stop fantasizing about him.

I fantasize about him so much that when I finally do see him again, I make a complete and total ass of myself. Several times in fact. How I do not drop dead of embarrassment right then and there is beyond me.

So, remember I said I have really bad luck? Well, sit back, grab a glass of wine or your favorite mixed drink, and let me tell you how it all started, and how it all ends...


Recommended for: Chick lit fans and anyone who likes to see people find love from across the two sides of a bar.

I don’t really know what to say about this book. There wasn’t anything that I explicitly disliked that I could put my finger on, but there wasn’t anything that I really loved, either.

On paper, I should love this book. I love lighthearted humor. I love sarcastic and sassy heroines. I love male heroes that aren’t tortured and are genuinely good guys. But maybe my issue was with the execution?

There was a bit of humor. It was the type of humor I normally like, but none of it made me really laugh. Did it make me smile? Sometimes. But mostly in a “Eh, that’s kind of a cute thing to say,” way, and not in a “Hahaha that’s funny but not enough to laugh out loud,” way.

I also felt like a huge premise of the book was Sasha’s bad luck, but you don’t really see that. I mean, yeah, the stuff with Bash’s past and baggage sucked, but how does that make her unlucky because she’s dating him? That’s a really selfish way to look at it, in my opinion. He’s the unlucky one that has to deal with all that. In fact, I feel like Sasha looked at things selfishly quite frequently.

I did really like Sasha’s friends. My favorite parts of the book were her interactions with them.


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About Rae Matthews:

rae matthewsRae Matthews is a Minneapolis, Minnesota native who moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin in 2002 for a guy, of all things. There she started off as a bartender at a neighborhood bar, eventually moving into telecommunications. Years later she is now a wife and a ‘wicked’ stepmother. It’s a good thing she is a good cook, or they may have tossed her out on her tushy years ago.

Rae is also known for being a bit of a goofball. She loves to see people smile, and doesn’t mind if they are smiling and even laughing at her not with her. Her motto is, “Life is too short to not laugh as much as you can.” Rae regaled her friends with her stories for years, and she loves to tell them, even if her friends didn’t want to hear them. But now Rae is finally ready to share her stories with others.

As time goes by, Rae hopes to find more time to travel and take on new challenges while continuing her joy of telling stories, crafting, cooking and generally just having fun.

Sasha is the first book in the series, Mixed Drinks. Look for more information about upcoming events and books by visiting


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