Review: Imperfections by Shaniel Watson

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Review: Imperfections by Shaniel WatsonTitle: Imperfections
Series: Imperfections #1
Author: Shaniel Watson
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2015
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About Imperfections:

Who knew falling in love with my best friend had the potential to single-handedly destroy my entire family?

For as long as I could remember I've been in love with sexy, lawyer extraordinaire Nicholas Alexander. We always had a certain chemistry growing up. Especially after we shared one passionate, forbidden, perfect kiss as teenagers. For years I hoped he could look past my overprotective brothers and our age difference so we could be more than friends, I was wrong. Four years ago I left New York and my heart behind. Now I'm back to stake a claim on the only man I've ever loved. But unbeknownst to me, things are way more complicated than I could imagine when I learn he's engaged, to my sister.

Will the love and desire I feel for the one man I've ever truly wanted destroy me? Am I willing to risk it all, for a chance at everlasting love?

Catherine Reed is the one woman I couldn't have but the one I always wanted. She was my best friend’s baby sister which means she was definitely off limits to me and anyone else if I had my way. Not even having a merry-go-round of beautiful girls could stop me from wanting her. Watching her leave was hard but I knew giving in to what I wanted back then would ruin All I've ever wanted was for her to be happy and to see her beautiful smile.

I haven't gotten to where I am by always doing what's right. She's Back. I want Her. I have every intention of making her Mine.


This is the kind of book I hate myself for finishing.

I did not like it. There was not one single character I liked. But I still finished it, and I didn’t even really need to force myself to.

In general, I really dislike antiheroes in books. I’m all about them in TV – I’ve bingewatched the hell out of two of its biggest recent antiheroes, Walter White and Jax Teller. Love them. But for some reason, I can’t “love to hate” a book character the way I can with one on TV. I have no idea why.

Anyway, it was like all this book had was antiheroes. I felt like they were all kind of horrible. Okay, not all of them, but all of the “main” characters were. The ones who were involved in the plot and impacted its path. Some of their family members were okay, but they felt like filler.

Also, I really, really, really wish there was a cliffhanger warning in the description. To be honest, I’ve never really understood why other readers make such a big deal about it. But now I get it. Because I’m feeling it now. I’m dreading spending any more time on these characters, but I’m a nosy and curious nerd and hate not knowing how a series ends.

About Shaniel Watson:

Shaniel Watson lives in New York and is a full-time working mother of two beautiful little girls. She enjoys going to amusement parks and eating ice cream on warm summer days with her kids. You can find her reading or writing with her headphones on, music at full blast, on lunch breaks at her day job, on weekends, and late into the night while everyone else is sleeping.

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