Review: Perfectly Broken by Prescott Lane

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Review: Perfectly Broken by Prescott LaneTitle: Perfectly Broken
Author: Prescott Lane
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Release Date: March 1, 2014
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About Perfectly Broken:

Even after years of trauma therapy, Peyton still believes she’s broken. She has little desire to date or show off her natural beauty, content simply to hang out with her best friends and run her pie shop in New Orleans. But her world turns upside-down when a handsome architect and self-confessed player shows up in her shop and thinks she’s perfect, much more than the usual hook-up.

While Peyton does her best to resist his charms, believing she could never be enough for him, she can’t deny the obvious heat between them. With Reed determined to have her, Peyton must decide whether to continue to hide behind her apron and baggy clothes or take a chance and share her scars with Reed, a man with a playboy reputation and scars of his own -- a dark past he can’t possibly share with Peyton, not after learning the horrors she’s endured. But if they can find a way to trust each other, and themselves, they just might be able to heal, to save each other, to live perfectly broken together.


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Recommended for: pie aficionados, Creole crazies, and anyone who likes stories of broken people putting themselves back together again.

Read an excerpt here.

“Pick up the pieces and put me back together again.”

So that’s from a Canadian musical TV show I used to watch when it came on after Degrassi (back when it was good and had Drake on it), but this book kept making me think of it.

It really says something that this book could be so deep and so emotional, yet also so funny. If you can’t tell, I decided to focus on the funny parts for my teaser images.

On one hand, you have a story of a vulnerable, scarred woman learning that trust isn’t always what it seems. Real trust and real love means that someones, someone will let you down and they’re still worth it. Yet even though she’s been through so much, and I couldn’t really blame her for having little desire to get close to anyone else again, she’s still so strong at the same time.

perfectly broken quote 1Then she finally meets someone who not only wants to break down her walls, he’s able to do it. He has things he’d rather hide from everyone he cares about, but especially someone with Peyton’s past. He didn’t grow up around the greatest model of a loving relationship, which affected him, but he was never jaded enough to not believe in love. He just didn’t believe in it for him.

On the other hand, you have a group of four crazy friends that are going through a lot and still manage to have fun. Analyzing men’s underwear, slipping each other walk of shame kits, and playing dancing video games. Those hilarious moments balanced nicely with the

About Prescott Lane:

Prescott Lane is the author of First Position and her new release, Perfectly Broken. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from Centenary College with a degree in sociology. She went on to receive her MSW from Tulane University, after which she worked with developmentally delayed and disabled children. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life.

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