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Organize Your Book Reviews in 2016

Posted 8 December, 2015 in Blogging Tips / 8 Comments

How many of you always put “get organized” on your list of New Year’s resolutions?

And how many of you ditched your complicated planners, calendar systems, and apps months ago?

Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

By now, most book bloggers are stressed out, burned out, or just ready to get shit together.

But let me tell you the story of a #TypeAAllTheWay book blogger.

How It Started

The first time I requested an ARC (maybe a month into this blog, so…July 2014?), I created a spreadsheet. It was a cute, simple little thing. Like the plain white t-shirt of organization, it was the bare minimum.

I just knew I needed to stay really on top of reviewing ARCs, more so than other books I was reviewing. And that I loved making spreadsheets and organizing things.

Because that’s the kind of freak flag I fly.

There were columns for the book title, author, review date, and to mark it as done. But every time I thought of something else I needed to keep track of, I added it in.

And damn, I’m glad I did.

I use other tools as well, but nothing can get as detailed and really organize everything in one spot – not even my normal go-to apps.

Soon it was too big for one tab and I was using it for way more than just ARCs. Now it’s a giant system for getting, reading, reviewing, and promoting any book.

Organize Your Books with the Read & Review Tracker

arc tracker

Like I said, this thing is an epic system to track pretty much every step of reviewing a book – from requesting an ARC or buying the paperback to cross-posting it to Goodreads and scheduling Facebook shares.

It’s also built to be customized like any other spreadsheet. So if say, you use a social network not already in the promotion tab, you can create it yourself! It also works if you don’t use a network on the planner right now.

No more strugglin’ to remember which ARCs you’ve signed up for and requested.

No more not knowing which book you need to read next for your review calendar.

No more scrambling to finish reading a book the night before the review is due.

No more forgetting about non-ARC reviews.

What’s in the Read & Review Tracker

  • Three tabs to document every step of reading, reviewing, and promoting books
  • Checklists to track your progress reading ARCs, scheduling your review, and promoting it on social media
  • Fully customizable spreadsheet
  • Lifetime access to updates based on your suggestions

The Deets

  • Price: $8
  • Format: take your pick between .xlsx and .numbers
  • Available here

It’s perfect for making a fresh, organized start for your blog in 2016



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    • Thanks so much! This is a spreadsheet but you’re not the first one to ask for a printable – now that I have the topics picked out, making a PDF version should be a pretty quick job. 🙂 I’m hoping to have one finished by the end of the month! I’ll message you on FB when I have more info. 🙂

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