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Review: My So-Called Life by J.D. HollyfieldTitle: My So-Called Life
Series: Love Not Included #3
Author: J.D Hollyfield
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 19, 2015
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About My So-Called Life:

Life couldn’t be any brighter for art dealer Christina Daniels. At the top of her career, she has no problem flaunting just how perfect her little world has become.

When tragedy strikes back home, Christina is forced to put everything on hold to return back to a past she’s tried so hard to escape. Including a love she regrets letting go.

Ian Whitman has only one regret and it was letting his first love walk out of his life. Now that she’s returned, his heart won’t give her up twice without a fight.

As secrets are revealed, can Ian soothe her heart while convincing her that a place she tried so hard to run away from is the place she’s destined to stay?

Will love get a second chance in the face of tragedy?
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Important spoiler alert: this book does not have anyone named Jordan Catalano. :/ I’ve yet to decide how I feel about that. I mean, I know how I feel about the Jordan Catalano, but yeah.

You know, it’s funny. The first book of this series that I read was Life Next Door, book #2. Loved it. Went back and read book #1, but I’ve been putting off the review for months. Partly because I always procrastinate non-ARCs, and partly because I don’t want to write it. The writing, well, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. But what did make me want to write the review was this: I wanted to say something about how much J.D. Hollyfield’s writing improved from one book to the next. It was amazing, and I think she should be praised for that.

And she deserves that praise once again. I’ve been a fan of these books from the start (well, my start at book #2), but I can’t deny a noticeable improvement in writing over book #2, which had room for improvement. I mean, any book does. Loyal readers know that I try so hard to point out at least one negative in every book to show that they all have room for improvement.

Anyway, onto the actual book:

OMG Pippa. Be still my heart. I will be your co-princess. Assistant princess. Whatever. Just…be, because you are adorable! She could melt even the coldest hearts. Proof in the pudding: she kind of did.

At the beginning of the book, I really didn’t like Chrissy. I was starting to worry that I missed something important in the blurb because I was too excited to see this series continuing. She was so cold, such a snob. I started to worry she’d be that way the whole time.

Hah. Silly me.

Chrissy ended up only being a bitch when it was warranted, which is totally good in my book. That’s being a strong female, #flawless. Beyonce would be proud, as would Leslie Knope.

Ian was so swoon-worthy, and had massive balls for always being upfront about his feelings. Even in the beginning, he skated around them but never downplayed or denied them. However, it felt kind of weird that we didn’t learn more about his past. We know he’s never been with Amber, but he obviously hasn’t been a monk since Chrissy left. Why didn’t we pay any attention to that?

J.D. also almost lost me when Chrissy started taking sides in the Ross/Rachel “we were on a break” argument. Luckily, I can’t say we’re on opposite sides, because after all this time, I haven’t picked one. Not permanently. I intend to keep it that way, and discourage others who pick sides. Really, Friends is my ultimate jam more than anything else, so this small thing actually offended me greatly.

Lastly, it still kind of bothers me that I can’t figure out how these characters are related. They’re all in the same series, but (correct me if I’m wrong) there’s no overlap between the universes at all. So why are they part of a series together?


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J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she is not trying to save the world one happy ending at a time, she enjoys the snuggles of her husband, son and three doxies. With her love for romance, and head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life. Life in a Rut, Love not Included is her Debut Novel. J.D. Hollyfield lives in the Midwest, and is currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions to the Love not Included series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.

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