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Be a Better Blogger: Choose Your Own Challenge

Posted 6 July, 2015 in Features / 1 Comment

Hey there! Welcome to this month’s Be a Better Blogger Challenge.

Holiday! Celebrate! Well, just one of the two for now since my vacation doesn’t start until Wednesday. Until then, it’s just celebrate, because we’ve officially gone through 5 Be a Better Blogger challenges!


Participation has been down the past few months and I’ll be honest with you: it’s hard. But instead of quitting or complaining, I want to adapt and figure out what kind of challenge you all will join in with month after month.

So this month’s theme is wildcard.

The purpose of this is two-fold:

  • I have a feeling that a lot of the emptier challenges had to do with the topic – it wasn’t something people wanted to dedicate a big chunk of time to at the moment. With wildcard / choose your own challenge, you get to pick something that matters to you.
  • A lot of people have told me that they missed a challenge and still need to work on that topic – now’s your chance to catch up! I figure having these catch-up challenges twice a year is enough to go back and participate in any challenges you missed and complete challenge to-do lists you didn’t finish at the time.

How to Participate

Want to take part? Just publish a blog post talking about what you want to get done for the challenge, and add it to the linkup below. Then add your progress throughout the month, journal-style or however you want. You’ll add that to the results linkup.

Sign Up for the Challenge

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Past Be a Better Blogger Challenges

Other Bumblings Tutorials & Tips

My BABB Goals

  • Update all the pages on my blog – About, Be a Better Blogger, etc.
  • Catch up on my UBB backlog – I can’t remember the last time I did!
  • Launch the guest reviews program – a less tedious / more exciting UBB project. 🙂
  • Complete any past BABB to-do list items I haven’t finished.

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