Be a Better Blogger- Book Review Backlog

Be a Better Blogger: Build a Book Review Backlog

Posted 6 September, 2015 in Features / 11 Comments

Be a Better Blogger is a monthly challenge to help you tack your blog’s to-do list. Each month is themed – just add your own to-do list to join in!

Have you ever looked at your blogging schedule and seen a big, gaping hole?

You haven’t posted a review in over a week, and unfortunately won’t be writing one today. You haven’t finished your latest book, plus the thought of writing a new review somewhere in your busy schedule this week makes you want to vomit.

I’ve been there.

But I try to prepare for small bouts of blogger burnout. So at any given moment, I’ll have at least 3 books that I could probably publish a review for in less than 5 minutes. How? By building a book review backlog. Basically, it’s just a collection of partially or fully written reviews that I’m saving for rainy days.

I have a post all queued up for you about how to actually build your book review backlog. I wanted to keep this post short, so it’s coming to you later this week.

This Month’s Challenge

This month’s challenge is to prepare outlines, drafts, or full reviews for at least 3 books. But you’re not going to publish them. They’ll go into your rainy day bucket or drafts folder.

How to Join

Just post your to-do list (in this case, the books you’ll add to your backlog) somewhere public. It can be in a new post on your blog, on Facebook, or in an Instagram photo. Then add the link to that post to the linkup below! For bonus fun, edit or comment on your original post throughout the month to give us updates. 🙂

The Link-Up

Want to be a better blogger? Join us!

My BABB To-Do List

I’m going to add the following books to my backlog:

  • The Pact by Karina Halle
  • Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren [Audiobook]
  • Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

What’s on your list?

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11 Responses to “Be a Better Blogger: Build a Book Review Backlog”

  1. I really need to do this but I read faster than I write!!! Lol!!! Ok I am going to do this. Starting right now!!! Ok I will start Tomorrow… Next week…..

    • Haha made any progress yet? 😛 My problem is that when I finish a book, I’d rather stay in bed and get started on a new one then go to my computer to start the review!

  2. I always have a backlog of at least 2 book reviews. They are books I win or get from the library so I’m not tide into a posting timeframe as with an ARC. I also have a couple of discussions drafted out. Right now my drafts list next to the WordPress Calendar has 9 posts in it, 4 of which are completely ready.

    • Awesome! Only about half of my reviews come with timeframes, but I’m bad at writing full reviews ahead of time – I usually just write out some bullet points of things to talk about in the review. It’s still very helpful though. 🙂

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