Review: After Dark by M. Pierce

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Review: After Dark by M. PierceTitle: After Dark
Series: Night Owl #3
Author: M. Pierce
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 24, 2015
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About After Dark:

In the final novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce, can a passion that has withstood many ordeals become a love strong enough to last a lifetime?

At twenty-nine, Matt Sky is trying to return to normal, having faked his death and come back to life. He and Hannah move to a simple house in the suburbs, and strive to grow their relationship into something durable and honest. They become more and more entangled, in the best ways possible.

At twenty-eight, Hannah finally has the life she's always wanted: she's pursuing her career as a literary agent at Granite Wing Agency, she is writing her first solo novel, and she is living with her hot, passionate lover. For the first time, Matt and Hannah are able to explore intimacy without inhibitions—without lies, secrets, or jealousy—and the results are explosive.

Still life together is not as easy as it seems. Matt is estranged from his brothers in the wake of his cruel stunt; Seth Sky, embittered by his failed pursuit of Hannah, makes a play for Hannah's sister; and the topic of Hannah's novel—her relationship with Matt and the Sky family—is driving a wedge between her and Matt. The lovers are devoted to one another, having come through many ordeals, but is their bond strong enough to last a lifetime?

My Review:

My favorite thing about the Night Owl trilogy is that it really takes me out of my comfort zone. The sex scenes are very different from what I usually read in my romantic comedies and new adults. It’s intense and humiliating enough that I’m uncomfortable, but right at that edge where the discomfort actually makes the book more enjoyable.

I was honestly getting so sick of Hannah and Matt’s relationship in Last Light. It was just so exhausting. For two people that are so introverted in the “outside” world, they sure are high maintenance with each other. And the reader. Last Light was left unfinished for months on my Kindle, until I needed to finish it in time to read this.

But for as fucked up as they still were (because why would they ever be functional), their relationship was also more stable in this book than it was in any of the other books. They learn how to live in the real world with each other, balancing their relationship with other parts of life.

It also did all of the things the third book in a trilogy needs to do, which I’ve talked about before here and here. There was the right amount of tying up loose ends and continuing the plot forward.

About M. Pierce

I’m an avid reader and bestselling author living in Colorado. You can find my book Night Owl at various retailers and you can read about my upcoming books at


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