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37 WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time Blogging

Posted 25 October, 2014 in Blogging Tips / 7 Comments

Welcome to this week’s edition of Bumblings Blog Tips!

Okay, so this one was never on the Bumblings Blog Tips Trello board because I just came up with it yesterday and am way excited and wanted to write it up ASAP. Because I love, love, love keyboard shortcuts, and I just found out that WordPress has about a thousand more keyboard shortcuts than I thought, and I want to share.

So you know how you can “CTRL + B” with text highlighted to make it bold? Stuff like that? You can do it in WordPress as well as word processors like Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Those are keyboard shortcuts.

When you’re doing a lot of writing, you’d be surprised how much time you spend moving your hands from your keyboard to your mouse or trackpad, moving the cursor around, etc. It doesn’t seem like a lot since it only takes you a few seconds. But think about it.

For example, at work, I’m a writer and editor. So I spend pretty much 10 hours a day in WordPress and Google Docs. Let’s say I use my mouse 250 times (which is actually a pretty low estimate) in order to highlight and format text. If each of those formats took 5 seconds, that right there is 20 minutes that could easily have been cut down to around 4 (yeah, I did math).

Plus, it’s just easier to put your fingers on the keyboard and keep them there. Take how I’m writing right now, for instance. I’m laying on my stomach on my bed. Any movement that requires more than wiggling my fingers requires shifting my weight enough to move the arms that I’m leaning on, and I’m lazy and don’t want to.

Luckily, word processors (including WordPress) are optimized for the lazy.

Note: I’m going to be saying COMMAND in this post, since it’s what’s on my Macbook’s keyboard. If you’re on a PC, replace COMMAND with CTRL/Control.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Highlighting Text

  • Highlight text by character (one letter/number/symbol/space) at a time by selecting SHIFT and then using the left and right arrow keys to move the highlighter in the direction you want to go.
  • Highlight text by word by making sure your cursor is at the beginning or end of a word, holding down OPTION + SHIFT and using the left and right arrow keys to move the highlighter.
  • Highlight text by an entire line by holding down COMMAND + SHIFT and using the left and right arrow keys.
  • Highlight a paragraph by moving your cursor to the beginning or end of the paragraph and holding down OPTION + SHIFT and using the up or down arrow key.
  • Want to highlight the whole damn document? That’s COMMAND + A.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Text

  • Bold text: COMMAND + B
  • Italicize text: COMMAND + I
  • Underline text: COMMAND + U
  • Strikethrough text: ALT + SHIFT + D
  • Make text a heading 1: COMMAND + 1
  • Make text a heading 2: COMMAND + 2
  • Make text a heading 3: COMMAND + 3
  • Make text a heading 4: COMMAND + 4
  • Make text a heading 5: COMMAND + 5
  • Make text a heading 6: COMMAND + 6
  • Insert link: COMMAND + K
  • Align text left: ALT+ SHIFT + L
  • Align text right: ALT + SHIFT + R
  • Justify text: ALT + SHIFT + J
  • Center align text: ALT + SHIFT + C

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Posts

  • Add bulleted list: ALT + SHIFT + U
  • Add numbered list: ALT + SHIFT + O
  • Insert block quote: ALT + SHIFT + Q
  • Insert image: ALT + SHIFT + M
  • Insert “More” tag (for post excerpts): ALT + SHIFT + T
  • Insert page break: ALT + SHIFT + P

Other Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Copy: COMMAND + C
  • Paste: COMMAND + V
  • Paste as text: COMMAND + SHIFT + V
  • Cut: COMMAND + X
  • Undo: COMMAND + Z
  • Redo: COMMAND + Y
  • Save draft: COMMAND + S
  • Publish post: COMMAND + ALT + P
  • Spell check your post: ALT + SHIFT + N
  • Show/hide the kitchen sink: ALT + SHIFT + Z
  • Enter distraction free writing mode: ALT + SHIFT + W

If you ever forget any of these and don’t have this post bookmarked (shame on you!), you can click the question mark help icon in WordPress’ kitchen sink (the bar at the top of where you type your post, with the icons for formatting text and stuff).

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37 WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time Blogging

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