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The Weekly Write-Up: MailChimp Crazy & Bloggiesta

Posted 18 January, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 4 Comments

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week. I don’t know if I’m still struggling to get back into non-vacation mode, or if it’s just the weather and winter blues, but I have been struggling hardcore lately. Going to bed super early, still waking up with only 5 minutes to get ready for work, not motivated to do much…

It sucks.

I might be blogging less until I can shake this. I don’t know.

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It’s My Life

It was an iffy week at work. Part of my job is managing a team of (usually 2) interns that work around 120 hours per semester. That’s usually spread out over 12 weeks, but the local university has a mini semester in the month of January, so they’re practically working full-time.

Being there to answer their questions and edit their writing as soon as it’s ready means that I don’t have much time for my other duties. I actually had to stay so late Friday night that the cleaning staff had to kick me out of the office.

On the bright side, my sister’s visiting this weekend! There’s very little to do in Delaware, especially when it’s cold and rainy, so we’ve mostly just been hanging out in pajamas, eating junk food and watching Netflix. It’s been the perfect weekend. 🙂

On the Blog(s)

Well, the biggest blog-related item…notice anything different? I finally installed the theme I bought weeks ago! It’s Tweak Me v2 by Creative Whim. It’s a lot of work (I’ve already spent 3 hours configuring the bajillions of options, and I’m not done yet) but I looove it!

I’ve wanted a Tweak Me theme for so long now (I also bought v1, but never installed it) and can’t wait for my next un-busy weekend so I can install either v1 or v2 on my personal blog, as well.

Once I’m done setting it just the way I’d like, expect a post going more into what’s changed. 🙂

Bookish posts from the past week:

Bloggish posts from the past week:

Links I Lurve

  • Ashley at Nose Graze shares her website pet peeves. They’re all either ones I also hate, or ones I think I might be guilty of…
  • There are six great mini-challenges going on for this quarter’s Bloggiesta.
  • Karen at KissinBlueKaren goes on a giveaway rant. I agree with almost all of it. I personally don’t enter or host many anymore because as a reader, they can actually take a lot of effort and as a blogger, I didn’t see much benefit of doing them all the time (I have a few special occasion ones in the works, though!).
  • Rachel at Parajunkee talks about goals and mission statements. I love the idea. I have goals out the wazoo, but I definitely want to write mission statements for all of my blogs.
  • Lauren at Bookmark Lit talks about ARC-envy and other book blogging struggles. OMG ARC-envy! I love this term because it’s so real, especially for a newer & smaller blog like my own.

Book Bumblings

First off, a few of my favorite books are on sale:

What I’ve read this week:

It’s been a weird book week. I’m usually great at picking out books, but I’ve been off my game lately. I struggled through several ARCs I didn’t really like. My attention span also isn’t great, so I’ve been jumping between a few different books. But the bright spots of my book week were:

So, how was your week?

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4 Responses to “The Weekly Write-Up: MailChimp Crazy & Bloggiesta”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Chick! I Lurve you back. I even did a little shout out in my email to subscribers talking about you.
    I see you signed up for the Freebee challenge fro Book Vixen. I have as well, but I haven’t done any yet. I hope to get to them soon.
    This is my first winter in the frozen north. I don’t know how people do it every year. Delaware is even north-er then me.

    • I just facepalmed when I realized I only subscribe to you through Feedly! Do you mind forwarding me that email? I’d love to see what you wrote!

      And in terms of the northiness, I just wear sweats all the time and stay inside as much as possible. 😛

  2. Your blog is so cute! I love the Tweak Me v2 theme. It’s what I’m currently using too.
    Thanks for the shout out 🙂 The struggle with ARC-envy is REAL. Although, as nice as it would be to get ARCs like that, I wouldn’t enjoy getting unsolicited ARCs from publishers. A lot of “bigger” bloggers get random ARCs and I would feel too pressured to read something I may not enjoy as much. So as usual it has it’s pros and cons!!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t like that – I get solicited by indie authors a lot but just say ‘no.’ If it were a publishing house, though, I would worrying about damaging the relationship and my chances to review other authors they represent.

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