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The Weekly Write-Up: Week 3

Posted 4 January, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 2 Comments

Happy New Year, everyone! This was when I officially planned to launch The Weekly Write-Up, so I’m super glad to be on week 3 already!

You may have (but most likely didn’t) noticed that I have a new banner for the feature…I was just really missing that dark pink I clearly love so much.

I’m also introducing a new feature to the weekly recaps to talk about books, aptly called Book Bumblings. Since I stopped posting the weekly sale alerts I had when I first started the blog, I haven’t had a place to share stuff about books. So that section will be about anything books – what’s on sale, thoughts about books I’ve read and haven’t reviewed yet, etc.

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It’s My Life

I had another week off work (hollaaa!) and spent most of it traveling. After I got back from New York last Sunday night, I went back Wednesday morning for New Year’s and to help my boyfriend move into his new apartment on the Upper East Side.

For New Year’s Eve, I went to my best friend’s apartment…in Times Square. It was really nice, catching up with my two best friends since we don’t see each other that often. Fun fact: two of us brought boyfriends named Alex, haha.

The idea was to go down and watch the ball drop at like 11:45, while spending the rest of the night in her warm, uncrowded apartment, which she’s done the past two years. It turned out that because of protests against the NYC police, there were like 5 times as many crowd barricades in the Square as usual, so we couldn’t actually leave her block of 8th Avenue. We could see the stage from her window, but not the ball actually dropping.

The rest of my time there, I just hung out in Alex’s apartment. The apartment didn’t have furniture, TV, internet, or food. So that was fun. But I got kind of used to sharing a twin-size inflatable mattress, watching DVDs on my laptop, and going down to Starbucks to write blog posts as fast as I could. Haha.

Since then I’ve been working on knitting a blanket for the new apartment, which is taking for freaking ever, and anticipating going back to work tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten most of my calendar and to-do list, and how to do most of my job lol. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it…

On the Blog(s)

I’ve done a ton of writing the past week, which I love. On this blog, on my “professional” blog, and working on guest posts for a few marketing blogs (I’ll share those posts when they’re live).

On Book Bumblings:

On My Personal Website:

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