The Weekly Write-Up: I’m *So* Tired

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The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

It legitimately hurts to have my eyes open right now. Oh my God. But I reaaaaaally didn’t want to post 2 days late for the third week in a row of posting late. And it’s not like I can go to bed soon, anyway. Too much to do! So I might as well post this, but excuse me for being tired and boring. God knows, I hate to be boring.

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It’s My Life

Work is work. You know how I feel about that, lol. It’s rough. I’m looking at a few weeks of nothing but editing, pretty much. Aka torture. But at least most weekends I’ll be in NYC, where I had an amazing time this past weekend!

Boyfriend had to work the whole day Saturday (gotta love tax season), but since it wasn’t as snowy as the last time I stayed at his new apartment, I could explore the neighborhood a little more. I ended up walking like five miles on Saturday…just wandering! I really wanted to walk in Central Park, but it was still too snowy in there. I just snapped a pic of the reservoir and left. 😛

My legs were burnin’ something fierce when I finally got back to his building and up to his floor, so I was so thankful for the tub at his place! Oooh, how I’ve missed tubs! I took a super hot bath with a bath bomb from Lush, but I actually think I prefer bubbles? This is the first time not liking a product from Lush and it feels…weird.

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  • Abria at BeeSplendid talks about tools, a topic I love. I also use most of these, so…twinsies!
  • Ashley at Nose Graze talks about the difference between being obsessed with numbers and wanting to grow your blog (which is okay).
  • Emz at Paging Serenity talks about mood reading. I thought I was a mood reader, but I might be a mood reviewer…

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