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The Weekly Write-Up: That Time I Saw Fifty Shades (and a Giveaway!)

Posted 23 February, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 1 Comment

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

Ugh, guys. I’m the worst. I’m the absolute worst. I skipped one Weekly Write-Up, then I’m late posting the next. I have been INSANELY busy, so unfortunately (or fortunately) for you, that also means this is going to be a long post. I have a lot to tell you. 🙂

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It’s My Life

Let’s start with Valentine’s Day weekend. It was AWESOME! I took the 13th off of work, so I was able to spend a lot of time in New York visiting my boyfriend. 🙂 I was there Thursday night through Monday afternoon. He was at work for a lot of it, but there were still cuddles. 🙂

My “official” Valentine’s Day gift was him taking me to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway Saturday night. I FINALLY saw it! John Cameron Mitchell had some sort of leg injury, but there wasn’t much of the dancing I was looking forward to, but it was still great. Now Darren Criss is going to be the next actor to play the role, so it looks like I need to start saving to see it again.

Sunday we saw Fifty Shades (more on that below) and hung out with a few other friends in the city. Monday I came home, and Tuesday it snowed and I got to work from home. I love working from home. I get so much done. I’m pretty sure I got a week’s worth of editing done, and am actually kind of ahead for the first time in months.

The rest of the week was kind of weird since my boss was really sick, and there was a lot I couldn’t move forward on until I spoke to her.

Friday, I found out that my two best friends were visiting Delaware for the weekend! So I ended up spending most of the weekend in a hotel on my old college’s campus, acting like I was still in college. Except for not being able to get pizza delivered because of the snow, it was pretty perfect.

I Saw Fifty Shades

Which is kind of a weird thing for me to say. Honestly, the closer it came to the release date, the less excited I got. While I’ll always love the book for introducing me to contemporary romance, I don’t love the book that much anymore. I didn’t even finish the series the last time I went to reread it.

But I wanted to see it opening weekend. Why? So I could participate in conversations about it. I’ll own up to that. I only saw it because my coworkers were and I knew they’d be talking about it. Personally, I was planning on waiting until it came out on DVD (because…cost, but also I’m hoping for some steamier scenes in an unrated version ;))

I’m really glad I ended up seeing it in theaters. It was infinitely better than I thought it would be. Most notably, it was much more of a romcom than the book. But this kind of needed to be done to get the movie to appeal to more people. And it worked really well.

Christian and Ana both seemed funnier in the movie than they did to me in the book. They seemed less “bland,” for lack of a better work. Ana’s awkwardness and Christian’s creepiness and intenseness were all much more muted. And a lot of the awkward scenes were more funny awkward than cringeworthy awkward.

My boyfriend didn’t understand some stuff that was left out of the movie – for example, he didn’t even realize Christian pretty much stalks Ana to the bar, so he didn’t see anything creepy about it. There were a few other things that weren’t explained as well as they could have been.

On the Blog(s)

Like I’ve said, I’ve been really busy lately. So the blog has been kind of empty.

Bookish posts from the week:

Bloggish posts from the week:

We’re doing something different for Links I Lurve this week. Because 1. My Feedly is super full and going through that ish will take more time than I have tonight, and 2. I just found out about a really awesome podcast that I wanna talk about. And I make the rules here, so hah.

Romance? Yes. Sex? Lots of it. Pop culture? Yeah, that too! This podcast, hosted by the editors behind XOXO After Dark, is all about all things romance. I’ve listened to the first episode so far (spreadsheet Thursdays at work = podcast binging Thursdays) and love it!

They talked about the Fifty Shades movie and reinforced some of my feelings and made me feel weird about others (Is the bush THAT big of a deal? I don’t get it). Then they interviewed Kresley Cole, who is now on my TBR list. Then they talked about book boyfriends and hot guy names. Who doesn’t want to be in on that conversation?

To celebrate the launch of the podcast, I’m giving away a copy of Sweet Filthy Boy by my favorite duo, Christina Lauren:
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Book Bumblings


What I’ve read (lots of re-reads!):

So, how was your week?

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Fifty Shades even though I didn’t read the book or have any desire to read it. I have a tendency to not read the super popular novels while they’re being hyped. Your weekend sounds wonderful.

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