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The Weekly Write-Up: Get Shit Done, Bloggiesta-style

Posted 19 January, 2016 in Weekly Write-Ups / 0 Comments

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

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It’s My Life

I was incredibly busy with my business this past week, and it was awesome. 🙂 I worked on 2 freelance posts and pitched ideas for a few more that feel like they’re going to be really excited to write. Totally loving freelancing and being able to write about entertainment one day, finance the next, and marketing over the weekend.

Over the weekend, I managed to go almost a whole day (it was like 18 hours) without working, which is a rarity for me in a bad way. And despite that and the fact that I finally saw the new Star Wars and spent an hour outside taking pictures of my first New York City snow (as a resident), I still got a lot of things done on my Bloggiesta list (more on that below).

On the Blog(s)

Bookish posts:

Bloggish posts:

Exciting things:

  • On-the-Ball Blog Tour Planner: The latest Bumblings Blog Guide is for sale! Check it out if you need to organize your blog tours. The price is discounted until I “officially” launch it with blog and social posts, emails to my subscribers, etc., so this is like a sneak peek.
  • Bumblings of the Month blog sponsorship: If you’re an author of publisher looking for more bang for your advertising buck, sponsor Book Bumblings for one month and have your book be our book of the month!

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up:

Here’s the progress I made on my original list:

  • Finish landing page and email copy for the blog tour planner so I can do an “official” announcement.
  • Write 2 reviews – all my upcoming tour/scheduled reviews are taken care of, so I’m just gonna pick anything from my NetGalley shelf.
  • Redo the ‘hire me’ page on my professional website now that it needs to be targeted to freelancing clients instead of a full-time employer (this is so long overdue, glad it manages to get clients anyway!).
  • Edit one freelance blog post I’ve been working on this week, and write another.
  • Finish the page for my upcoming ‘book of the month’ sponsorship package.
  • Schedule blog posts and linkups for the next few Write On Review-a-Thons.

I ended up spending a really big portion of the weekend on education / personal development, and took some time off as I mentioned earlier, so that ate into my to-do list time. But these were ebooks and ecourses that will help my blog, so really they should’ve been on the list in the first place.

And relaxing more is something that’s always on the list of things that I should do but probably won’t, so when I’m in the mood I just need to let it ride!

Book Bumblings

What I’ve read:

So, how was your week?

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