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The Weekly Write-Up: Planning & Broadway

Posted 10 December, 2015 in Write On Review-a-Thon / 1 Comment

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

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It’s My Life

I have had an awesome. fucking. few. days.

In addition to completing my most epic freelance piece to date (can’t wait to see it go live!) and starting to finally see real growth after the relaunch of my professional blog, I launched my first paid product here, which I’ll talk about later. 🙂

Okay, I can’t wait. It’s the Read & Review Planner! But I’ll save the details.

I’ve also had some cool things going on personally.

My boyfriend and I booked a trip to the Poconos for his birthday later this month, and I’m so excited for this cute, romantic lodge we’re staying in!

I also saw Fiddler on the Roof in previews on Broadway yesterday and it was AMAZING! Although it was my Poppy’s favorite show, I’d never seen it and had only seen the movie once – ages ago. I definitely wouldn’t have recognized all of the Jewish humor back then. It was hilarious! And the dancing – oh! the dancing! It was amazing. I have no other words.

And today, my mom and her coworkers were visiting NYC and I was able to meet up with them for a bit in the afternoon. I played tour guide to the tourists and took them to see Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, and the gorgeous displays in the Saks Fifth Avenue window. And I got to cuddle my mommy! <3

On the Blog(s)

Bookish posts:

Bloggish posts:

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Organize Your Book Reviews

I’ve been talking about Bumblings Blog Guides – resources to help you be a better book blogger – for awhile right? I admit, I dropped the ball a time or two over the past year.

But the first one is ready for you!

It’s the epic 3-tab spreadsheet I use to plan and track my ARC reading – but it can be used for all book reviews. Every single step – from requesting the ARC from a publisher or tour company through to promoting your review on social media and cross-posting it on Amazon and Goodreads – has a place for you to fill in info or check off a to-do item.

The best part? Right now it’s $5, but it won’t stay that cheap for long. The first 25 copies are that price, but it will be jumping up to $7 soon.

Get your review planner now

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Book Bumblings

What I’ve read:

  • Under the Spotlight by Kate Willoughby – I’m about a third of the way through this now, and I’m loving this relationship! Very cool first date, belly dancing, musical theater. This book’s got it!

So, how was your week?

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