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The Weekly Write-Up: Badass Book Bloggers

Posted 26 October, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 1 Comment

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

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It’s My Life

Hey you! So it’s been a week or two. So I’m gonna rhyme, to make up for the missed time.

Man, I should’ve been a rapper. I feel like a duet with me could bring out untapped potential with Drake – reuniting after that electric hug all those years ago…

So, yeah. Life’s been crazy, to say the least.

I’m freelancing. Kind of a lot. And it’s exciting! Within a week or two, I pitched one client and kind of fell upon another, and I’m getting together a pitch for a third.

I’m also writing like crazy. Writing what, you ask? Stuff for you, that’s what. Guides, ecourses, ebooks, you name it. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on one and getting it done quickly, I love them all and keep jumping around, meaning it’s taking longer to have one finished. But I’m SO excited, you guys!

On the Blog(s)

Bookish posts:

Bloggish posts:

badass book bloggers slack group


Love hanging out with other book bloggers but hate how disorganized Facebook and Goodreads groups can be? Me too. My new favorite place to connect with other marketers, freelancers, and bloggers is through Slack communities. Originally meant as a team chat system for things like interoffice instant messaging, it’s now being used to create amazing communities and forums, as well.

I searched high and low for a Slack group for book bloggers, even tried to bribe persuade other book bloggers to start one. I came up with zilch, so I bit the bullet and started one myself!

And that’s how Badass Book Bloggers came to be!

I just created the team a few weeks ago, so now is your chance to be one of the earliest members that helps decide what the group will come to be. Right now, it’s a place to ask questions, share what you’re reading, get book recommendations, and learn how to be a badass book blogger. And share gifs. They have an awesome Giphy integration. 😛

Become a Badass Book Blogger


Book Bumblings: What I’ve Read

So, how was your week?

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