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The Weekly Write-Up

Posted 21 September, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 0 Comments

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

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It’s My Life

I had a pretty crazy & stressful week. I had been out of the office the entire week before, so even in a normal time it would be crazy playing catch up. But we also had one more blog post than usual need to go live, a Twitter chat to guest host on, and a Twitter chat to moderate. Aka a busy week without any catchup.

I was also still trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule from the rock hard hotel bed keeping me up in Boston and then sleeping all weekend out of exhaustion. 😛

There was also the Bloggiesta, that I actually managed to mostly complete my to-do list for – FOR ONCE! And I participated in most of the Twitter chats, but of course forgot today because my brain automatically turns off on Sundays.

On the Blog(s)

Bloggish posts:

Exciting things:

Be a Better Blogger:

For this month’s challenge, we’re writing / planning reviews – to not publish. They’ll go in a rainy day file for when you’re strapped for blog content. Failing to plan is planning to fail, and all. 😛 The goal is to, at the least, outline talking points for 3 different book reviews. Of course, you could also draft or fully format them.

Build a book review backlog

I didn’t participate in any mini-challenges this Bloggiesta – not because they weren’t awesome, just because my existing to-do list was long and overdue enough. So here are the mini-challenges I wish I could have done:

  • Creating Post Templates for More Streamlined Blogging – I have a lot of templates, but only some of them are in Easy Content Templates. Some of them are still in Evernote, where I used to keep them, and I have a lot of post types I could be using templates for but I haven’t created them yet.
  • How to Streamline Twitter with Tweetdeck – Similar situation as above: I already have a Tweetdeck dashboard set up, but it could seriously use some updating. I haven’t updating my Twitter lists since the day I created them, and could probably comb through my follower list.
  • Turn Your Pins into Rich Pins – I don’t have a presence on Pinterest (yet). I snagged my username when I created the blog, and make sure my images should have a “Pin It” button, but haven’t started pinning bookish things yet myself. At the very least, while I ease into that I’d like to make my blog posts more pinnable, with tactics like rich pins.


Book Bumblings

What I’ve read:

I didn’t get much reading done, :/ so it’s largely the same as last week:

So, how was your week?

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