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The Weekly Write-Up: ‘Merica

Posted 5 July, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 1 Comment

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

Happy Fourth to my American readers! I didn’t do anything red, white, or blue yesterday, yet my experience felt completely American. 😛 More details below.

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It’s My Life

It was a somewhat normal workweek for me. Busy, but solitary. I worked from home a lot more than normal and I gotta say, I felt lazy but in this heat I did not miss the subway – or walking to it in work clothes. The downside is that I tend to pig out more when I work from home, so bleh. I feel gross and bloaty now.

For the fourth of July, I went out to Long Island, where my boyfriend’s family lived. We went to the beach for a little while with his cousin and cousin’s friends before heading back to their place for a barbecue. I somehow got stuck being DD, which was a bummer, but drunk people can be so fun when you’re sober.

The gang decided to do a power hour and getting a pre-made playlist for it off YouTube. We found a Disney one. Hell to the yeah. Drinking (or watching it happen) to our childhood favorite songs is an odd but beautiful feeling. One that continued when we had a 90’s pop karaoke sesh.

Today, I tried to get ahead on blogging and work since I’m going on vacation later this week.

On the Blog(s)

Bookish posts from the week:

Exciting things:

Ashley at Nose Graze has released a new UBB add-on for accepting guest reviews!* Guest posts are something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but wasn’t quite sure how to best implement. Problem solved!

I bought the plugin this weekend but haven’t upgraded to UBBv3 yet, because fail. But once I do that and install the add-on, I’ll be sure to announce it in that week’s writeup so you can submit your guest reviews. 😀

Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this to start an author reviews program too. So exciting!

Book Bumblings

What I’ve read:

So, how was your week?

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One Response to “The Weekly Write-Up: ‘Merica”

  1. I’m glad you still had fun being DD! Disney music is still the best lol.
    My week was good, it was Canada day too, and although it rained, we had a good day! We ended up going and watching Jurassic World and I loved it,
    Have a great week!

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