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The Weekly Write-Up: I’m a New Yorker Now

Posted 27 April, 2015 in Weekly Write-Ups / 10 Comments

The Weekly Write-Up is where I talk about what’s gone on in the past 168 hours, both on the blog and off.

I owe you a week! I’m so sorry that I skipped TWWU last week, but this one will be super long and action-packed to make up for it!

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It’s My Life

So, last time we chatted, I had just had my last day at my old job. Since then, I spent two weeks spending 6-8 hours a day going through my apartment, deciding what to take with me, what to take back to my parents’ house, what to donate, and what to throw out. I ended up taking three SUVs full of stuff to Goodwill, 2 loads home, and threw out soooo much. I think my wardrobe is at least 50% smaller. *sheds a single tear*

My actual moving day was Saturday and for the most part, it went great. I tend to get an upset stomach the night before/day of important life events. My first time going to sleep away camp, my Bat Mitzvah, my first dance competition, etc. I always get sick. That kind of threw off moving day, and I’m going to have to go back to my old apartment to get a few more things together and clean up. I’m still having nausea pretty badly on and off, and I’m just hoping I have some good karma and nothing will actually happen at work tomorrow.

The movers were able to load and unload a lot faster than we’d estimated, so the moving bill came in way under budget. 🙂 However, after my couch got stuck in my doorway for 30+ minutes. The movers almost gave up! We were freaking out. We were sure that once the couch got up the two narrow flights of stairs, we’d be in the clear.

Yesterday I did a dry run to figure out how long it will take me to get to my office in rush hour subway traffic, and timed it pretty perfectly. Since then, I’ve mostly been unpacking, organizing, decorating, and exploring. God, I’m so in love with this city already. Unpacking’s not going well because every time I run out for a quick errand I get distracted by exploring and end up walking around for hours. You can’t keep me inside.

The apartment looks amazing, and I swear my legs already look like they’re in better shape from what my Fitbit says is my new 15,000 step/day habit. Now I just need to get through the actual first day of work tomorrow!

Outside of moving and the new job, I’m starting to prep for Book Expo America! I started making a schedule for all days, even though right now I’m only planning on actually going on Wednesday. I felt weird taking so much time off so soon after starting my job, so I thought I’d only attend on the day I was speaking?

What’s that? Speaking? Ah, yes! Haven’t you heard? I’m speaking on Ashley’s “Optimizing Your WordPress Blog” panel! If you’re attending BloggerCon, definitely come hear us at 10 am on Wednesday, May 27! 😀

I’m also considering going to BookCon. What do you think? I’ve never been to any part of BEA before, so I don’t know what to expect! I’m currently registered for the Sexy in the City Author Event that weekend, but the main author I was going for is no longer attending. 🙁 There are still authors that I’d like to see there, but they’re mostly authors I’ve already met and gotten signatures from before, so I’d be interested in BookCon if there will be more authors I haven’t met yet. But I don’t even really understand what BookCon is! Help?!

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10 Responses to “The Weekly Write-Up: I’m a New Yorker Now”

  1. Congrats on the move!! We had trouble with our couch too, which is a futon. It went in the door but didn’t do as well going down the hallway. It was fully assembled though so that didn’t help. I hope your first day at your new job goes well!
    I’m not going to BEA this year, I have yet to go but something always comes up, mainly me being unemployed two May’s in a row.
    Have a great week!

  2. Welcome to NY!!! It can be extremely distracting so have fun and don’t worry about the packing. You’ll get there eventually when you want some soup and go “damn, where’s my can opener?” LOL. I can’t wait for BEA and Book Con.

  3. BEA and Book Con are now two separate events. BEA is more for authors, publishers, and buyers, although there is a blogger conference on Wednesday. It’s pretty expensive though. Book Con is all authors and books. I’m hoping that they are more organized this year since some authors ran out of books very quickly and lines for authors were very long. You’ll want to go super early and have a small suitcase to go and put your stuff in. You have to do a bag check for them but worth it if you get lots of good books and want to run back for more. Also, if authors are speaking and you need a tix, make sure that you immediately go to get a tix, even if they say that they’re not giving out tix before a certain time. Last year they ran out of tix before 7am and they weren’t supposed to start until 9am. Hope that helped. It’s a good idea to download the app and get the map layout of Javitts. Oh and if you’re driving, get there very early since you have to park away from the convention. They don’t have parking.

    • Thanks. Like I say in the post, I’m going to BEA and BloggerCon already, but can’t decide if I want to try to attend Book Con instead of Sexy in the City. For some reason, I can’t find a Book Con author list anywhere. Is it a lot of the same signings as BEA?

      • Danita

        They have a list of guests but as it gets closer, the app and page will update and show more authors. Just be on top of the list and if there is one specific you want, target it. I will say that Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover are supposed to be in a panel together and I would totally go to it but so is everyone else at Book Con. Right now the author list looks a little light, which kind of sux. But the books are free for almost all authors. Sexy in the City I believe you are buying a ticket to get in and buying the books as well.

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