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smoldering by tiffany alemanTitle: Smoldering

Author: Tiffany Aleman

Release Date: July 5, 2014

Links: Amazon, Kobo, B&NGoodreads

Rating: 3 smoldering stars

Recommended for: military wives/girlfriends/SO’s, those who like military romances, angst, stories about breaking free and figuring out who you are, those who realize you can’t run from your past forever.

About Smoldering:

I got burned with this book and I loved it. ~ R.D. Cole

Tiffany Aleman’s new stand-alone Smoldering is just that! HOT! The connection between Riley and Kelsey is explosive. Smoldering is a story about letting your heart lead you to happiness. I couldn’t put it down. ~ Kaylee Ryan

A girl searching for herself, a slimy politician and a hot military man all collide in this fantastic debut romance by Tiffany Aleman. ~ Ilsa Madden- Mills, Amazon Bestselling Author

Money ~ power ~ fame

smoldering quote 2Kelsey

Growing up in the arms of one of the wealthiest families in America, I lived a champagne lifestyle and never wanted for anything.

That life came with stipulations…

  1. Marry the man I don’t love.
  2. Make my parents proud.


I left my Manolos and fancy apartment behind and fled that life to find out who I really was.

Someone unexpected bulldozed my life.

Riley Jackson

He was the man everyone, including me, wanted, but his future was one I wasn’t sure I wanted to thrust myself back into. And when he chose a career over the family business, his family supported him instead of pushing him away.

My past collided with my future.

I didn’t see it coming. If I had, I would’ve ran far, far away.

Now I’m stuck in the same position I started in two years ago, except this time, it’s not my decision to make.

Loyalty to your family? Loyalty to your own happiness?

Which would you choose?

My Review

smoldering quote 1This book makes me wish I used half stars in my rating system, because 3 stars does seem too low, but 4 stars seems like too much.

I have mixed feelings on this one. I have a feeling the review is going to be hard to write, just because I can’t get my thoughts straight.

So I guess, the only way to keep this organized is to do a compliment sandwich. (You guys have heard of this, right? Where you sandwich the things you don’t like between the things you do, so you start and end on a happy note?)

Some things I liked:

  • The prologue. Oh my God, the prologue was great. Tiffany painted such a great picture of Kelsey’s life “before.” You find out that it’s even worse later, but you want to cheer for Kelsey at the end of it.
  • Jen. Enough said. She’s a doll. I’d love to read her book.
  • The banter between Kels and Riley. I mean, take one of the conversations from the night they meet:”If you pass out, then I’ll have to rush behind to make sure you’re breathing. And of course, that might result in a little mouth to mouth. And I don’t think you’re ready for any of that.””You seem pretty sure of yourself. What makes you think I would want you to give me mouth to mouth? Why not just check my pulse?”

    “Because that would consist of me putting my hands on you, and when I do that, you. Will. Not. Want. Me. To. Stop.”

    I got the feeling that Riley is so not usually that forward, but the chemistry was just off the charts from the get go and manifested itself with hot banter.

  • Seeing Kels’s strength.

Some things I didn’t like:

  • I found most of the heavily romantic aspects (declarations of love and all that) overly cheesy and schmaltzy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some schmaltz. But it seemed a little overdone here, to the point where it didn’t feel real to me.
  • There are a lot of metaphors and comparisons. Their love is a sandstorm, their love is this, their love is that, their feelings are like…I think the best declarations of love are simple. Kelsey and Riley declared theirs with metaphors pages long. Not simple.

More things I liked:

  • Seeing each of them broken. Wait! It’s not that I liked seeing them in pain. I didn’t. I actually cried my eyes out along with Kelsey. But I thought it was interesting to see the different ways they handled it. And then seeing Kelsey go, “let the f*cking commence.”
  • Everything around the two of them putting themselves back together, and dealing with Riley’s career.


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About Tiffany Aleman:

Tiffany is a mother of two and married to wonderful man. She is lover off anything that has to do with the outdoors. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time at the beach with her family and friends. Tiffany published her first novel in May of 2008 and hasn’t seemed to stop writing ever since. She loves to read and lose herself in the imaginary world of the written word.

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  1. […] I really liked it. It was cute. But I didn’t quite love it and I can’t pin down why. If I had to venture a guess, I think I could have used some more depth. But I would rather have a story that’s consistently lighthearted than have an author say “Oh here, I need depth and angst. Here you go!” and do it poorly. You know this. A lot of my reviews talk about fake depth and angst. So I’d rather have something like this than something like Smoldering. […]

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