Review: Coming Clean by C.L. Parker

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Review: Coming Clean by C.L. ParkerTitle: Coming Clean
Series: Monkey Business Trio #3
Author: C.L. Parker
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 20, 2016
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About Coming Clean:

The steamy conclusion of C. L. Parker’s Monkey Business Trio

They have been rivals who fought until the bitter end and lovers who know every sensual inch of each other’s bodies. Now sports agents Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews are about to become the one thing they never expected to be: parents. But this new dynamic to their relationship threatens to fizzle the sizzling desire that once held them in thrall to each other. If salvation is only a forbidden fantasy away, then Shaw and the woman he loves must embark on the adventure of their lives.

Cassidy is aching to reignite their connection. In steamy assignations in strange places, she and Shaw live out their most intimate desires—and reveal their deepest secrets. But as Shaw works overtime to sign a superstar athlete, a corporate reshuffling could be a game-changer. Can Cassidy and Shaw save their relationship and have it all—a career, family, and passion that never quits?
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This is going to be a complicated one. I thought this book was very well done, but damn was it a downer for me. Let’s get into it.

First, you guys know that if a book is done well as the end of a series, I’m not going to like it. It’s documented in lots of other book #3 reviews around the blog. I’m a brat and I don’t like endings. If an author wraps up a series well, I’m not going to take it well. It’s basically a fact at this point.

Secondly, it pulled a fucking Parks and Rec Season 7 on me. A THREE YEAR TIME JUMP IS SO MUCH, guys. I’m a nosey loser who spends too much time focusing on the fictional lives of pop culture characters. It’s who I am, a very big essence of my being. So I spent a good portion of the book wondering what life events and stuff I missed out on, that we didn’t see.

Finally, let’s be real. This book was very much a downer. Most of it’s at least a little sad, at times totally heartbreaking. There were more “mood neutral” parts than there were truly happy moments. And I’m a peppy gal, who reads books to escape to downs.

Overall, C.L. Parker did a great job tying things up, and the way things ended up were very Shaw and Cassidy, and I’m glad, but the journey to get there was a rough one for me.


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