Legal Stuff

Here’s some mumbo jumbo that I’d feel nervous not having on my page.

ARCs & Reviews

I sometimes receive books (paperback or ebook) free of charge in exchange for posting an honest review. The book might come straight from the author or form their publisher, publicist, tour company, or NetGalley. The review reflects my honest opinion and thoughtful feedback for the author.

When I’m reviewing a book that I received a free ARC (advanced review/reader’s copy) of, I will always disclose that at of the post.

Affiliate Links

This blog sometimes uses affiliate links where, at no extra cost to you, I receive a small commission if you purchase something from a retailer through one of my links to it. A lot of bloggers put what they use the money for in this section, but I haven’t actually┬áreceived any yet so I don’t know yet. ­čÖé Most of my money goes towards Diet Coke, so it would be safe to assume I’ll buy some of that.

Affiliate links will be indicated by an asterisk (*) following the link and a link to this disclaimer.