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All About Lead Magnets

Posted 7 January, 2015 in Blogging Tips / 4 Comments

January’s Be a Better Blogger Challenge is all about email marketing, so many of this month’s blogging tips will focus on how you can get better at it.

Today’s another really quick tip, but also a really great way to grow your email list. In the world of inbound marketing (what I do at my day job), they’re a pretty big staple. Basically, inbound marketers use email marketing to turn leads into customers. To get the leads, you need to attract them (like magnets attract magnetic things. I know, really complex name).

Lead magnets are something exclusive that a subscriber gets in exchange for an email. This can include:

  • Access to something exclusive, like a password-protected page with books on sale
  • A free resource, like checklist for bloggers (side note: I’m working on one of these for you)
  • A special feature, like a weekly email of new releases
  • The chance to win a giveaway

It’s pretty general, but you should definitely come up with one (or more!) for your blog.

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All About Lead Magnets for Your Book Blog

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