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January Be a Better Blogger Wrap-Up

Posted 27 January, 2015 in Features / 1 Comment

Hey everyone! Can you believe January went by so fast? What’s more, the inaugural Be a Better Blogger Challenge is coming to a close!

In case you missed it, this month’s challenge was focused on improving your email marketing, and almost 10 of us participated (although it’s not too late to get something done and sign up!).

Honestly, I haven’t finished my goals yet, but my list might’ve been too long. It’s definitely a learning experience: just because you have 30 days doesn’t mean you aren’t going to procrastinate, or not have other things get in the way.

Next month’s challenge, which will be announced February 1, will be a smaller project for most of us.

Anyhoo, here’s the linkup! If you participated, add a link to something talking about what you got done. It can be your original post with updates on your progress (like what I did on my goal blog post), a new blog post, or a Facebook post (as long as you link to the actual post and not your page).

About Be a Better Blogger Challenge:

Managing a blog isn’t just about blogging. There’s the blog’s design, staying on top of networking with publicists, authors, and other bloggers, keeping your social media accounts active and optimized, and a ton of other things. Most blogging challenges focus on writing posts. Be a Better Blogger focuses on the rest of it.

For more information and to sign up for updates about each month’s challenges, check out thechallenge page.

P.S. – You can suggest or vote for future challenges on my blog’s voting board. Just create a free Trello account to get started.


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