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Wrap Up: February Write On Review-a-Thon

Posted 29 February, 2016 in Write On Review-a-Thon / 0 Comments

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz! That’s a buzzer, by the way. Because this month’s Write On Review-a-Thon is now over! How’s your to-do list looking? Mine’s incomplete, but that means it looks normal. 😛

I got 2/3 of my reviews written, and one of the blog posts fully scheduled.

Not too shabby!

And as always, I got distracted and got a lot of work done on something low-priority. In this case it’s a big ole blog post coming soon

To share your progress with us, add yourself to the linkup below with a link to your list & progress for this month’s challenge.

February Write On Review-a-Thon Wrap Up

See you next month!


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