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#BookBlogWriMo Day 23 – Book Boyfriend Criteria

Posted 23 November, 2014 in Features / 1 Comment

Welcome to day 23 of #BookBlogWriMo! What a lovely topics we have today…book boyfriends. 🙂

Squee! What a lovely topic we have here today. What do you look for in a book boyfriend?

When I read the physical descriptions for characters, I have a few go-to men. They’re men that I not only find gorgeous, but I also know what their voices sound like, mannerisms, etc., So even if they don’t fit the physical description perfectly, I prefer picturing one of them because I can better visualize the character’s conversations, expressions, etc.

Those gorgeous men include:

  • Matt Bomer (for the love of all that is holy, have you seen Neal Caffrey and his three-piece suits?)
  • Henry Cavill (whenever someone mentions dimples or a climbable chest)
  • David Gandy (tall, dark, handsome, and gentlemanly)
  • Joe Manganiello (tall, dark, handsome, and not such a gentleman)
  • Eddie Redmayne (ginger book boyfriends, freckly book boyfriends)
  • Julian Morris (that good guy/boy next door look)
  • Jesse Williams (gotta love milk chocolate with light eyes)
  • Alex Pettyfer (the only blonde guy on my spank naughty list)
  • Dylan O’Brien (for the boyish looking book boyfriends)
  • Beau Mirchoff (young but built)

My Eye Candy board on Pinterest (something I’m really proud of) has much more variety, but these are my go-tos.

Now, when it comes to personality, I like book boyfriends that are:

  • A little bit (or a lot) nerdy
  • Yet is still a dirty bird (both in terms of dirty talk and crude sense of humor)
  • Playful and immature
  • Gotta love that banter
  • Has a good voice or can play an instrument, but isn’t a musician
  • Entrepreneurs and business-savvy are sexy (as long as they’re not even more of a workaholic than I am)

What do you look for in a book boyfriend? Who’s your all-time favorite book boyfriend? (Mine is Will Sumner)

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One Response to “#BookBlogWriMo Day 23 – Book Boyfriend Criteria”

  1. Hayling Kent

    Erik Fiskare from Suanne Laqueur’s novel “The Man I Love” is one of the sexiest male characters I’ve come across in a long time. His good friend Will Kaeger has a bit more danger to him, but he’s also pretty hot. Erik is something special though. He sticks in your head for a long, long time afterward…

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