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Ready to organize your reading?

Having trouble of all the different ARCs you have, between your Kindle and your bookshelves, NetGalley and blog tours, authors and Edelweiss?

Not to mention any “just for fun” reading you’d like to have time for. (Lol, when that happens.)

It’s a lot to keep organized.

Luckily, I already organized it all for you.

arc tracker

I love organizing. I create spreadsheets for fun, and the highlight of my week is, as Leslie Knope would say, “jammin’ on my planner.”

So over the past year, just in keeping my own reading and reviewing organized, I’ve ended up with an epic book tracking spreadsheet to with everything a book blogger needs to keep track of when it comes to reading and reviewing.

No more strugglin’ to remember which ARCs you’ve signed up for and requested.

No more not knowing which book you need to read next for your review calendar.

No more scrambling to finish reading a book the night before the review is due.

You’ll have your shit together. Burnout? What burnout? You don’t get it, because ARCs aren’t stressful anymore. You have your reviews ready ahead of time. Oh, and did you mention the social media posts you have scheduled for the next 2 months?

Yeah, that happened, too.

And it’s all logged in your epic ARC tracker.

You’re about to become every publicist and tour organizer’s favorite blogger.

What’s in the Read & Review Tracker

  • Three tabs to document every step of reading, reviewing, and promoting books
  • Checklists to track your progress reading ARCs, scheduling your review, and promoting it on social media
  • Fully customizable spreadsheet
  • Lifetime access to updates

What Other Book Bloggers Think

I need something simple and uncomplicated, and it is just that. – Courtney, Mixed Emotions Book Blog

This ARC tracker is super easy to use, I love it. The three tabs make it easy to track each ARC on it’s journey. – Charles, Spooky Reading