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5 Reasons Bloggers Should Care About Email Marketing

Posted 2 January, 2015 in Blogging Tips / 6 Comments

Since we have so many email marketing posts coming up for this month’s Be a Better Blogger challenge, I’m going to try to keep them short. (Sidebar: didn’t hear about the challenge? Get the details here.) Here goes:

I always tell other bloggers and marketers that an email list will always be the most valuable community you can build for your brand (tweet this), more important than an audience on any social network.

Here’s why:

1. Subscribers Care More Than Followers

People who subscribe to your emails probably care about your blog more than someone who likes or follows you, since it’s agreeing to more of a commitment to allow someone into your personal, likely overflowing, inbox. In contrast, people tend to get click-happy when it comes to following people on Facebook, Twitter, or Tsu.

2. Email is More Direct

You also reach a larger proportion of your audience with each email than with other promotional methods. You don’t have to worry about algorithms, like with SEO and Facebook, or how many of your fans are online when you post, like with any other social network. As long as your email makes it through the spam filter, it’s there waiting for them whenever they log on.

3. Email Won’t Go Out of Style

Additionally, email is here to stay. Social networks come and go, and putting a ton of time, effort, or money into something that hasn’t proven to be a permanent part of our lives is always a risk.

4. It Drives More Traffic

Lastly, email marketing is a more direct way to get your fans to your site. When you share a blog post on social media, the people who see it have a ton of options: like, favorite, retweet, share, comment, reply, click through to the post, or keep on scrolling through their feed. When someone opens an email about your blog, their options are pretty much click through to the links in the email, or delete it.

5. It Makes Your Fans Feel Special

At the end of the day, email is just more personal. It’s feels more like a one-on-one relationship between you and each of your readers.

Convinced? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out to set up accounts and campaigns!

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