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Be a Better Blogger: Create a Blog Post Ideas Bucket

Posted 6 June, 2015 in Features / 10 Comments

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 6th Be a Better Blogger Challenge!

One of the best parts of sticking to a blogging schedule is that you know what kind of content you need to create, and when. But even if you know that on Tuesdays you write blogging tips and discussion posts are on Thursdays, one of the most difficult parts of blogging still remains: coming up with a post topic.

Inspired by this week’s #CoChat (a weekly Twitter chat hosted by CoSchedule that I participate from my day job’s company Twitter account), this month’s challenge is going to be about planning your blog topics.

Every now and then, I’ll have a massive blog post brainstorming session. Here’s how they go:

  • Spend an hour or so just coming up with topics and working titles, like “sticking to a blogging schedule” and “beating blogger burnout.” I have a little process for coming up with ideas, which will get its own post later this month.
  • Load them all into the project management tool I’m using for that project (usually either Trello or Todoist).
  • Add some detail to the broad topic. This is just 1-2 sentences, or a short bulleted list. Just enough detail that if I forget my original idea when I go to write the post later on, my idea bucket can remind me.
  • Make a note of where I got the idea and any research I found and may want to link to or use for the actual blog post.

Doing it all at once works best for me since I tend to get in the zone and the ideas will start to come more and more easily. I also note down ideas as they come to me, in the same place as the results of the brainstorming sessions. This results in a massive “idea bucket” of future blog post topics for whenever I can’t think of something to write about.

For example, right now my list for Bumblings Blog Tips currently has 42 topics on it. That means that if I didn’t want to, I could write one tip per week for almost a year without coming up with a single new topic. What’s more, a lot of those list items have enough detail that the outline of the post is finished and I wouldn’t even need to do any research or hard thinking to get the post’s content written.

This has made blogging insanely easier. So this month, you’re going to create one of your own.

Create a Blog Post Ideas Bucket

Your challenge this month is to create a blog post idea bucket of your own. It can be a list of topics like mine, or you can even take it further and write a full outline, or even the actual post and save it as a draft for a rainy day.

  • You can put your bucket in a notebook, on an online tool, in a Word document, or in Sharpie on the back of your palm.
  • They can be books to review, discussions to write, or tips to give.
  • You can knock out the whole bucket in a massive brainstorming session, or with a few minutes here and there when you get an idea.

The choice is yours!

Be a Better Blogger Twitter Chat

Mark your calendars!

I know I’ve said I was going to do it before, but it’s real this time. It’s on my calendar, and I’m serious about it. So serious that I’m going to fight the jet lag of returning home from Europe the night before, just to talk about coming up with blog post ideas!

I’m crazy, right? But I’m going to be there for work most of the month, and I want to have the chat early enough that there’s still time left in the challenge for you to try out all the ideas you’re sure to get during the chat. 🙂

Topic: Blog Post Ideas

When: Sunday, June 21, 3-4 p.m. EST

Where: #BABBchallenge hashtag stream on Twitter (pro tip: use to follow along)

What I’ll Help You With

There are Bumblings Blog Tips coming your way on the following topics to help you with the BABB challenge:

We’ll also talk about all of this during the #BABBchallenge Twitter chat, where you can get more ideas from other bloggers!

Spread the Word

How to Participate

Want to take part? Just publish a blog post talking about what you want to get done for the challenge, and add it to the linkup below. Then add your progress throughout the month, journal-style or however you want. You’ll add that to the results linkup.

Sign Up for the Challenge

My Be a Better Blogger Goals

Here are my own goals for this month’s challenge:

  • Consolidate all of my little buckets into one tool
  • Organize all the different ideas by topic
  • Come up with a few new blogging tips
  • Create an idea bucket for discussion/opinion posts
  • Create an idea bucket of fun book list posts

What are your goals?


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10 Responses to “Be a Better Blogger: Create a Blog Post Ideas Bucket”

  1. I actually have a folder in Evernote and I write basic ideas whenever I think of a post I can do, and since it syncs with my phone I can do it anywhere. I’m definitely going to try and check out that twitter chat and the challenge, I could always use some help thinking of new things!

  2. Thank you SO much for these posts! I found you through Ahley @ Nose Graze and you’re posts have helped me pull my stuff together. I’ve been floundering for awhile with getting my blog (and personal life!) organized and back to where it was a few years ago.

    I can’t wait to have my first brainstorming session!

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