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Be a Better Blogger: Spring Cleaning Challenge

Posted 4 May, 2015 in Features / 4 Comments

Hey everyone! Welcome to this month’s Be a Better Blogger challenge!

Sorry that the BABB challenge has been light on content recently. I’m not letting myself get too bummed about the lack of participation in recent challenges, because I haven’t been putting in the effort on my end, either. Hopefully by the end of this month, I’ll be settled into my new city and new job and will be able to start devoting more time to Bumblings again.

Now that the April showers have (hopefully) cleared and made way for May flowers (well, not so much in New York City), it’s time to wrap up our spring cleaning challenges.

We’ve worked on our categories and our tags, which are two problems everyone seems to let get out of control. So this last month is for everything else, that’s more unique to you and your blog.

This Month’s Challenge: Blog Spring Cleaning

  • Need to organize your Goodreads shelves? Add it to your to-do list for this challenge.
  • Want to update your permalinks? Spring clean that ish this month.
  • Are your physical bookshelves in dire need of some organization? Add it to the list.
  • Have you been meaning to create Kindle folders? Now’s your chance.

Anything that you think could fall into the “spring cleaning” category for your blog, now’s the time to take care of it!

How to Participate

If you want to get some spring cleaning done with us this month, here’s how you join us:

  • Write a post on one of your public profiles (blog, Facebook page, etc.) with your to-do list for the challenge.
  • Add the link to that post to the linkup below.
  • As you get things done throughout the month, update your to-do list. You can simply cross out list items, or use it as more of a journal.

My Be a Better Blogger To-Do List

Since I only have a few items on my list this month, I don’t want to make a separate post for it. Here’s what I want to do:

  • Get all the books organized in the new apartment. I keep thinking they’re all on the shelves and alphabetized, and then I find a new pile or bag of books.
  • Update my Kindle folders. I used to use my Kindle’s homepage as a TBR shelf. If I’d read it, it was in a folder. But my TBR list got too long, and I kept forgetting to shelf read and reviewed books, and ended up with 35 pages on the Paperwhite’s homescreen.
  • Update my master spreadsheet. When I first started, I kept track of every post URL and whether the review had UBB info added to it, if it was cross-posted to Amazon, NetGalley, Goodreads, etc., as well as other helpful metrics. But it’s been like six months since I’ve updated it. Yikes.

Join the Be a Better Blogger Spring Cleaning Challenge

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