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Be a Better Blogger: Clean Up Your Categories

Posted 1 March, 2015 in Features / 8 Comments

Hey everyone! Welcome to this month’s Be a Better Blogger challenge!

But first, a few housekeeping items:

New Be a Better Blogger Structure

The structure of BABB is going to be changing a little, with linkups and stuff. You may have noticed there was only one linkup for February, instead of the two there were in January (one for the announcement, and once for the results). To simplify things, the two will be combined. I noticed a lot of people were doing both in the same post, and that’s also what I do for challenges I participate in.

So on the post at the beginning of each month, there will be one main linkup. If you’re participating, you’ll still write a post. You can either do a post outlining your goals and update it with your results/progress, or just write a post once you’ve completed the challenge. Then add that to the linkup.

My suggestion: At the beginning of the month, publish a to-do list for the challenge. This is so that 1. you have a game-plan from the get-go, and 2. you don’t forget to add your post to the linkup at the end of the month. Then, as you accomplish things throughout the month, use the strikethrough text formatting option to cross out things you’ve done (like this).

Be a Better Blogger & Bumblings Blog Tips

You’ve probably noticed that during the first week or two of each month, I publish a lot of Bumblings Blog Tips that relate to the month’s Be a Better Blogger challenge. I’m going to keep doing the theme thing, but the posts will be more spread out throughout the month. I’ve been burning myself out publishing so many tips in such a short period of time, and then neglecting to publish any the rest of the month. I want to make sure I’m also publishing stuff helpful to people not participating in the challenge, so I hope this will help me keep my momentum.

Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss them.

Be a Better Blogger Spring Cleaning

I’m big on the concept of spring cleaning (not so much the actual cleaning part, when it comes to the physical world). So, the Be a Better Blogger challenge will have a spring cleaning theme for March, April, and May. March and April will focus on categories and tags, since they’re two “big deal” items that I feel like most bloggers could stand to organize a bit more (myself included). May will be more of a free-for-all where you decide what needs spring cleaning. Personally, I think I’m going to try to organize my Kindle folders and Goodreads shelves.

Challenge: Clean Up Your Blog’s Categories

I have a ton of categories on my blog, and I bet you do too. It starts off innocently enough. You start writing reviews and create a post category for those. Then you start with blog tours and create one for each type of tour posts. Then there’s personal posts, discussions, wrap ups, memes, etc. Next thing you know, your categories are super specific and pretty empty, some with just a few posts in them.

But post categories are supposed to make your blog easy to browse. That means finding the right amount of specificity. Too narrow, and you have too many categories and it gets hard to list them all. Too vague, and each category has hundreds or thousands of posts.

You also have to make sure they don’t have to much overlap with tags. If you don’t know how to make that happen, I have you covered. I’m planning on publishing posts this month about:

If you want to clean up your categories this month, join us on Facebook and add your post to the linkup once you’ve created one! Good luck!

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  1. I am really pleased to see that you are covering this topic.. I have been so confused over the difference between categories and tags I’ve simply stopped using them. Looking forward to some help in getting to grips with the subject

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