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Obsessed with becoming a better blogger?

Love hanging out with other book bloggers but hate how disorganized Facebook and Goodreads groups can be?

Me too.

So there’s a new forum for book bloggers on an awesome platform for building communities. Introducing: the Badass Book Bloggers Slack community!

I love connecting, chatting, and learning from other bloggers. It’s why I started a book blog, and one of the main things that keeps me going during the worst moments of blogger burnout.

But Facebook and Goodreads groups aren’t always the best platform for what we need from these groups.

In Facebook, every post is in one long stream, regardless of topic or purpose. There’s the search function, but you try searching for something like “blog tour” in a group of 1,000 book bloggers. Huge pain in the ass. And since it’s all one stream, most Facebook groups tend to have one focus, meaning you have to join a dozen separate communities.

Goodreads groups, on the other hand, have a thousand ways you can organize them. Leading to no clear structure, and so much organization that there’s actually none at all. Goodreads groups can’t help but be messy. It’s in their nature.

Why Slack Communities Rock

Slack originally started out as a team chat app for IMing coworkers and stuff. But with the mission to be a fun chat app, the only one of its kind for businesses. But it’s exploded and its become the beloved darling of software startups because it’s just. so. damn. awesome.

So now it’s being used for all kind of other things. Like groups and communities.

I’m in a lot of Slack communities that are just a bunch of people with a common interest talking about a bunch of cool, random things. And I’ve seen for myself that it’s way easier than Facebook for bringing a bunch of people together to help each other and become friends.

Become a Badass Book Blogger

Why Did I Start a Group on Slack Instead of Facebook?

  • It’s easy to use. There are a lot of optional bells and whistles, but at its core Slack is really basic and easy to use. It can be hard to get your blogger friends to start using something new, when we all use so much already. But considering that there’s no required learning curve, I was confident people would be able to join the group and start joining conversations ASAP.
  • It’s mulitpurpose. With different Facebook groups for blogging advice, social media advice, blog promos, and author events, I was starting to find it impossible to keep track of the communities I was part of. That left an icky taste in my mouth. In Slack, you join one overall group, then pick different topic-specific “channels” (which are like chat rooms) you want to take part in. But it’s all the same people, so when you make friends in one conversation, you make friends in them all.
  • It’s passively active. The only way to stay in a Facebook group all day is to stay on Facebook all day. Now try getting anything else done with that happening. You can passively stay in a Slack group all day and get notified or pinged whenever there’s a new message, without getting notifications for a thousand other things. That makes it so much easier to keep up with what’s going on in the group.
  • Gifs. Well, that’s just one example of one of the integrations Slack has that we can use to customize the different groups and messages. And they have an awesome integration with Giphy.
Become a Badass Book Blogger

What You Can Find in Badass Book Bloggers

Another great thing about Slack is that your group can have anything. There’s tons of integrations, flexibility, and fun. I’m really excited to see the ideas group members come up with for shaping the community.

Right now, here are the different channels/subgroups you can find:

  • The main stream: The #General channel is what you’re automatically added to when you join the group, and the “catch all” for all conversations. Announcements, hellos, and general chit chat can be found here.
  • #Blogger: If you’re on the Blogger platform and have a tip or question, post it here where other users can help out!
  • #BookClub: It’s really easy to have live chats/parties in Slack channels! So we’re going to band together every now and then for a live chat about books. Sometimes, but not always, one book in particular.
  • #BookRecs: When you’ve just finished a book you couldn’t put down, that you stayed up until 5 in the morning reading, that book goes here. Help your fellow badass book bloggers out and make sure they know about that awesomeness.
  • #Email: For everything email. From questions about reaching out to publishers via email, to setting up MailChimp or opt-in forms, you can get help here.
  • #Introductions: For getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Here’s where you can find everyone’s “virtual nametag.” Their name, their blog, their favorite color, and everything you need to social media creep.
  • #Random: The name says it all.
  • #Resources: Find an awesome new website other book bloggers need to know about? Post it here to share the love.
  • #Review-a-Thon: Every month, we band together for the Write On Review-a-Thon. Here’s a place for all of us participating to chat, share our updates, and get reminder for sign-ups and wrap-ups.
  • #Reviews: Most book bloggers are always on the hunt for a great read. So share your latest book reviews here to help someone else find their next favorite.
  • #SelfPromo: If you’re holding a giveaway, Facebook page takeover, or other special thing, here’s somewhere for you to brag shame-free. 🙂
  • #SocialMedia: Questions about the ubiquitous Facebook reach or Twitter ads? Social butterflies gather here.
  • #TV-Watercooler: The only form of entertainment I love as much as books is a good sitcom. Since it’s such a big part of my life, I figured we needed a place to talk about what we’re watching on TV and Netflix!
  • #WordPress: If you felt left out reading about the Blogger channel at the top of the list, fear not. WordPress friends have our own home here. 🙂

And another great thing about Slack is that the community can run the show. So whenever a badass book blogger has an idea for a new channel, they can add it and lead the group.

Become a Badass Book Blogger