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I get it. You want to write. But there’s so much more to do.

Scheduling promos on social media. Reaching out to bloggers and reviewers. Writing blog posts. Creating email newsletters. Updating your website.

It’s technical. It’s time consuming. And it takes away from your real passion – writing.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll do your marketing “gruntwork.” It may be a tedious task to you, but it’s something I geek the freak out over. I love it. So be the boss you are and start delegating. You can pass any or all of the following services over to me, so that you have more time to write your next book and get to know your readers.

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Website Management

Does your website use a CMS like WordPress or Blogger? Here’s what you can cross off your to-do list:

  • Writing & formatting blog posts.
  • Updating your bio and book pages.
  • Adding new posts and pages.
  • Improving your site’s performance.
  • Optimizing your site for all the marketing superpowers.
  • Performing CMS maintenance (updates, SEO, plugins, etc.).
  • Customizing themes / plugins.

Something else for your website in mind? Just let me know.

Offload your website management

Email Marketing

Have you ever looked at MailChimp and thought, “Nothing with a mascot so cute should be this complicated?”

I’ve been there. But you can’t afford to ignore email marketing – it continually performs better than any social network. Both for engagement and driving sales. Direct cash money.

It can take dozens of hours to learn the ropes of an email service provider. And your readers want your next book now. You don’t have that time.

I’ll take care of your email marketing, including (but not limited to):

  • Initial set-up for your account.
  • Creating and adding forms for your website & social media.
  • Building email lists with your email service provider.
  • Designing basic templates for your emails.
  • Writing & sending weekly / monthly newsletters.
  • Writing & sending special announcements.
  • Helping you figure out how to grow your email list!
Grow your email list

Social Media Management

Facebook reach, Twitter hashtags, and engagement rates, oh my!

Social media is one of the fastest changing marketing tools today – it’s practically a full-time job to keep up. You already have enough to do.

Authenticity is important on social media, so I won’t take over all your social activities.

Let me handle the tedious promo posts so you can focus on engagement. On writing personal, entertaining posts to start discussions, give inside peeks into your writing process, and get to know your readers.

Stop worrying about:

  • Creating graphics for social profiles and posts.
  • Posting links to cover reveals, new releases, sales, new blog posts, etc.
  • Promoting bloggers and sharing links to your books’ reviews.
  • Managing social media advertising campaigns.
  • Scheduling discussion / promotional content you and I create together.
  • Collecting analytics, creating reports, and making recommendations to improve your social media performance.
Focus on engagement

Blogger Outreach*

If you haven’t had a blog tour, getting reviews can be hard. But if you’re willing to part with a few digital ARCs, I’ll help you meet bloggers that want them.

Note: We  can either pitch a new release or garner new reviews for an older book.

What’s included:

  • Building a targeted blogger list based on your book’s genre and target audience.
  • Creating media kits and info packets to send to bloggers.
  • Performing email outreach personalized to each blogger.
  • Managing ARC distribution and follow-up for reviews.

*This is continual, gradual outreach to build relationships with bloggers, not a review tour, which is usually focused on getting a high volume of reviews in a shorter period of time.

Build your blogger network

Marketing Strategy

So you can do all the day-to-day marketing yourself, if you just knew how? No worries.

It’s not so hard when you have a marketing marketing strategy based on your specific goals, with personalized recommendations on how to improve your author platform.

We’ll work together to come up with a game plan for:

  • Website copy, design, and SEO.
  • Blog topics and strategy.
  • Social media management and content.
  • Email marketing tactics.
  • Blogger outreach strategy.
  • Paid advertising.
Build your game plan

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