Bumblings Book Blogging Guides

Ready for the book blogging tips you need to become a badass blogger? You’ve come to the right place.

In September 2014, a few months into writing romance reviews on Book Bumblings, I realized I was spending a lot of time answering people’s questions about blogging and social media on Facebook. I had already been blogging about other things for a decade and working in online marketing for several years, so I knew a thing or two. 💁🏻

Like any Type A organization freak with blogging on the brain 24/7, I kept a list of the questions I was asked in emails, Facebook groups, and private messages. So then I started book blogging about book blogging (I know, so meta) to create “permanent.

I wrote about growing your email list, increasing your social media reach, and keeping everything organized without giving up sleep or burning out.

Now I’m all about helping other book bloggers like you get over the “IDK WTF I’m doing” hump!

Book Blogging Resources

Read & Review Book Tracker                    On-the-Ball Blog Tour Planner

  • Read & Review Book Tracker: An epic, massive spreadsheet to track every step of reviewing a book, from buying it or requesting the ARC through cross-posting it on Amazon and promoting it on Facebook.
  • On-the-Ball Blog Tour Planner: A sister spreadsheet to the Read & Review Tracker, this one helps you track cover reveals, promo posts, and release day blitzes like a rockstar.

Top Book Blogging Tips

  • How to Improve SEO for Book ReviewsWant to build traffic passively? Search engines are the way to do it. Learn how to optimize your book reviews so that they rank well, and download a checklist for optimizing your posts.
  • 10 Email Templates for Book Bloggers: Download copy-and-paste email templates for requesting ARCs, communicating with blog tour companies, and emailing giveaway winners. Plus, learn how to create your own templates to save time on email.
  • How to Organize Your Book Blog with Trello: Between reading ARCs, posting promos, and all your other posts, keeping organized is a must for book blogging. Here’s how I have a “visual to-do list” set up in Trello. Plus, download a free template to create your own book blogging Trello board!
  • What to Include in Your Book Blog’s Newsletter – Want to start sending a weekly or monthly newsletter to your faithful readers, but not sure what to include? Here are a bunch of ideas specifically for book bloggers! 🙂
  • 9 Ways to Write More Creative Book Reviews – One way to beat book blogger burnout? Change things up. Instead of writing a regular review, try one of these to make things more interesting for both you and your blog’s readers.